Sunday, October 19, 2008

[39] Falling Man by Don DeLillo

It's not the cover on the version I have, but this is probably the standard American version I have posted. The cover I have is the UK version. I think you get the idea though.

Falling Man is the story of a family and the impact that 9/11 has on their lives. Keith, the father in the family, worked in the first tower to be hit by the planes, and managed to get out, turning up at his wife's home, of whom he has been separated from for a year or so. The events that follow bring them back together, in a rather unconventional way.

The story allows one to see into the minds of both Keith and his wife, Lianne. It's interesting to see the different perspectives they both share, and how they overcome the trauma and disbelief they felt when witnessing/being a part of 9/11.

I haven't really read or watched anything relating to 9/11. I've tried to avoid the movies, (United 93, World Trade Center) because I don't really want to watch them. This book was somewhat different though. An eye opener in a way. It's different now though. If I'd been 18 when 9/11 happened, rather than 11, I would have understood things differently, seen more of the horror I suppose.

The book is named after the 'Falling Man' one of the first men to jump from the upper floors of the building, taking his life into his own hands before the tower took it instead.

All in all, it's a good book from Don DeLillo, not my favourite by him, that'd be The Body Artist, but still, Falling Man is a great way to see into the minds of those affected by 9/11.

Next up: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

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