Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[90] Enduring Love

Enduring Love, simply put, is about a religious man named Jed Parry who 'falls in love' with another man named Joe Rose. Sounds fine, until we realise the awkward that entails when this other man is in a wonderful relationship with a woman named Clarissa, and doesn't particularly want to change that.

Jed Parry is exactly the kind of guy you never want to have to deal with in your life. He takes on various stalker elements throughout the book, standing outside Joe's apartment building for hours on end, sending 3-4 letters a week, and generally freaking Joe out.

If you start this book, you will not get anything out of it if you put it down. Put simply, this book is like the TV series Lost. You have to read the whole thing or you will miss out on learning and understanding. Ian McEwan brilliantly uncovers the parts we are reading so desperately to learn about. He withholds a lot of information to keep the reader guessing.

I'm not going to give too much away, so I'm just going to end this by saying that Jed Parry is one hell of a creepy guy. Also, if you liked Atonement, you'll probably enjoy this.


In other news, I've made it to 90! Bazinga!

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